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My Thoughts on the Passing of Trent Acid

Unfortunately, I heard of the passing of Trent Acid. My thoughts, prayers, & condolences, go out to Trent’s family & friends. I was fortunate, to have the opportunity multiple times, to speak with Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere, when they wrestled for JAPW, as, “The Backseat Boyz!” I had the privilege of watching some great matches, between The Backseat Boyz wrestling against Teddy Hart & Jack Evans. Personally, for me, Trent Acid vs. Teddy Hart, were my favorite singles/rivalry match-ups, that I would watch at JAPW. (Those match-up’s was worth the price of admission alone!)

Trent Acid was such an easy approachable guy to speak to. He was always accommodating, would speak to as many fans as possible, before & after the show. I remember one time, in one of Trent’s singles matches with Teddy Hart, their match spilled to the outside, and worked their way up the bleachers. My friend and I were sitting somewhere in the middle, and as the punches were being exchanged between Trent & Teddy, Trent was getting the upper hand. While Hart was “temporarily dazed”, Trent took time to high-five myself and other fans! We always had a great night, when Acid was in the building!

I remember just recently, reading Trent’s posts about what life was like during & after the time, he had spent in jail, and everything he was looking to accomplish. I’m sure like all of his other fans, I too, had my fingers crossed, and was hoping for a “success-story.” Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and it painfully reminds me, the harsh realities, in the world of professional wrestling. We have all read the “untimely” & “unfortunate” passing of so many great performers at an early age. I just hope that, if one person who is currently going through any personal “demons”, whether they are a pro-wrestler, or not, I hope that they read these many touching stories, about Trent Acid & others that have left our lives way too soon, and learn a valuable lesson, that life is too short, and the decisions you make today, will affect what life has to bring to you tomorrow and in the near future.

R.I.P. Trent. I’m sure you’re up in heaven right now, with your other fallen brothers, and probably headlining & showcasing your talents for them, like you have so many times for us.

I know I will do my best, to be at ACIDFEST on July 10th in Philadelphia, PA at The Arena. For those who are unaware, admission is free, with a $10 Donation, to help the family of Trent Acid, pay for funeral costs.

“Brooklyn’s Own!”
Toddy D!

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