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Is Sid Vicious Really “Psycho?”

Word has it, that Sid “Psycho Sid” Vicious, was scheduled to wrestle for Dreamwave Wrestling on June 5th in LaSalle, Illinois, but did not show up. Sid’s flight was scheduled from Memphis, TN to Chicago, IL. It turns out, that Sid never boarded his flight.

When Sid was asked by the promoters why he never boarded his flight, the reason Sid gave: (I can almost hear the old WWE(F) Entrance Music being played for “Psycho Sid” as we speak) he said that when he got to the airport, he forgot to bring his passport so they wouldn’t let him board the flight. That’s pretty funny, when considering the flight was scheduled from Memphis, TN to Chicago, IL, where you do NOT need a passport to begin with!

I guess Sid is really “Psycho”, and may have listened to his old entrance music from WWE(F), or maybe even Randy Orton’s “Voices” Entrance, one too many times!

Let me know what you think!

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