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“Wade Barrett & Drew McIntrye Grounded?”

The Leader of RAW’s Nexus Stable Wade Barrett, has been pulled from WWE TV and live events because his work visa has expired and he’s no longer eligible to work in the United States. Barrett has returned to the UK where he’s waiting on a new visa to be cleared.

Smackdown’s Drew McIntrye, is going through the same problems. It’s possible that McIntyre can stay while a green card application is approved since he’s married to WWE Diva Tiffany.

This is just my opinion only: Personally, I could care less when Drew McIntyre returns. From McIntyre’s Ring Entrance, to his in-ring work, his gimmick/character, and his lack of charisma, there is absolutely nothing about Drew McIntyre, that I think, that brings value to a match/storyline.

Wade Barrett on the other hand: I hope Barrett returns sooner than later. Besides the fact that Barrett is the Leader of, “The Nexus”, Barrett is also very good on the “mic”, good at “orchestrating” the attacks that “The Nexus” gives to their victims! Although last nights attack on their newest target: Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, came off very well, it’s bad enough that “The Nexus” has lost Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson for now, moving forward with the momentum, that “The Nexus” is gaining, they can not afford to lose Barrett for long. Hopefully Wade Barrett’s work visa situation, gets rectified in a timely manner, and he’s back by the PPV!

That’s all I’ve got for now! Stay tuned for more concerning this situation, as well as others!

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