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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s Thoughts on “Husky” Harris!

Steve Austin wrote the following on Twitter about NXT Rookie Husky Harris: “My favorite new WWE Talent is Husky Harris. Needs a little more ring cardio.. Comes from great wrestling background. Needs a mean streak.”

My Personal Thoughts: After witnessing what Husky Harris did to my “former” co-worker from my “NWA Cyberspace Wrestling Days” Matt Striker a few weeks ago, (The Back-Splash) I think Husky Harris is definitely starting to adapt a “mean-streak!” After watching last night’s Season 2 Episode of NXT, (6/29) I really thought for a moment, that Husky Harris was going to “sneak-attack” Matt Striker, after Husky made the comment, that Striker had a lot of guts to be standing so close to him, (Husky) considering what had happened to Striker the previous week. Hopefully Striker will get more involved physically, and help elevate the “Husky” Harris character! I for one, miss seeing Striker, in a wrestling capacity.

That’s all I have for now! Let me know what you think!

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