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Hart Attack!!!!

I’m sure everyone has heard by now, that the wife of Owen Hart, Martha Hart, is looking to sue WWE. The WWE, along with Martha Hart, settled a wrongful death lawsuit, back in 2000. The “current” lawsuit “alleges” the WWE and the McMahon’s used Owen Hart’s name and likeness without right in dozens of commercial videos and other materials, violated a contract restricting the use of Owen Hart’s name, likeness and wrestling footage, and disregarded Martha Hart’s wishes against further association of her late husband’s name with WWE following his death. Now this is just my opinion. It seems to me, the only reason this is becoming an issue now, is solely because of Linda McMahon running for Senator in Connecticut. It seems to me that Martha Hart is looking to … Read entire article »

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No Chops Allowed????

First the “reason” we were told why Bryan (Daniel Bryan) Danielson got released, “supposedly” was for choking WWE RAW Ring Announcer Justin Roberts, with his own tie, then there was speculation that Danielson was released, due to spitting in John Cena’s face. WWE, has a “no choking” rule, due to what happened to the Benoit Family. Also: Vince (McMahon) does not tolerate spitting. So take it for what it’s worth! Hopefully, either way, Danielson will return to a WWE ring sooner than later! Now, on to discuss my Blog Title, “No Chops Allowed????” It has come to my attention, that there is NOW a “No Chop Rule” in WWE! Reason being: Any wrestler who chops another, always gets the Ric Flair “WOOOO” response, from the fans. Since “Nature Boy” Ric Flair … Read entire article »

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