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WWE’s SummerSlam 2010 PPV Results, Thoughts, & Opinions!

So I caught SummerFest, er I mean SummerSlam, yeah SummerSlam, that’s it! So I decided to share my thoughts & opinions, of last night’s outcome.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler – First & foremost, I for one, am happy to see Dolph Ziggler FINALLY get his due! I thought it was a well-paced match, with good exchanges, from both participants. Add Vicki Guerrero to the match, while repeating herself, saying, “Excuse Me”, over & over again, until Kofi Kingston’s music hit, gets the crowd booing, and makes the match an even better opener! Is it just me, or does anyone else notice a lot of Ziggler’s moves/mannerisms, are reminiscent of the late WWE Hall of Famer, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning? Besides the blonde hair & attitude, the running swinging neck breaker, and many other moves, reminds me of Mr. Perfect! It just sucked, that the match had to end, with the Nexus beating down Kingston. I wanted to see Ziggler win legitimately.

No Contest: Due to the Nexus

After the match, we go backstage with Y2J talking to the Miz. Jericho talks about what just took place in the ring, with the Nexus. Jericho, attempts to convince Miz, into joining Team RAW. Edge then appears, eating a Slim Jim. (No Macho Man Appearance) Miz tells both Jericho & Edge, that he is not sure if he wants to make Nexus a priority, but he will let them know. Miz walks off, but then comes back and takes Edge’s Slim Jim! Edge then says to Jericho, that he thinks they’ve got him. Funny segment!

WWE Divas Title Match: Melina vs. Alicia Fox – It was obvious, that with Melina’s return, she was most likely going to win the title back, (and of course she did) but the finish was lame, and made Alicia Fox look weak. Why build-up a wrestler, (Alicia Fox) and have them defend their title convincingly prior to SummerSlam, only to have a squash match at the PPV, is beyond me!

Winner and New WWE Diva’s Champion: Melina

After the match, Josh “Tough Enough” Matthews, goes into the ring, to interview the new WWE Divas Champion Melina. Just as an emotional Melina is about to speak about her victory, she is interrupted, by Layla & Michelle McCool. The co-women’s champions, continue to do their stupid gimmick, by insulting Melina. Layla & Michelle, attempt to do a Twitter Photo-Op with Melina, but just as Layla goes to pose with Melina, Melina shoves Layla to the canvas. McCool then wants to take a pic with Melina, but also pushes McCool down. Melina starts to brawl with the two of them, but the numbers-game, eventually catches up, and LayCool beats down Melina. Alicia Fox came into assist LayCool, but Fox was also beat down. Melina is then kicked out to the floor, and McCool rams her knee into Melina’s face, against the announcer’s table. Melina is then laid-out, and LayCool heads to the back.

Back to ringside, they show celebrities Trace Atkins, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Marlon Wayans at ringside. We then see a recap of how the feud between Big Show and the Straight Edge Society came about.

Big Show vs. Luke Gallows, Joey Mercury and CM Punk – Whatever the match/stipulation, I always enjoy watching the Big Show. He is funny, entertaining, and can really move for a big guy! Between the shaved head, and losing weight, Joey Mercury, “barely” looks like Joey Mercury! Mercury looked like a puny little kid with abs, standing next to the Big Show. I think Mercury & Gallows, are both a waste of time, and just a space-filler. However, CM Punk, continues to deliver! Watching the look on Punk’s face, when the Big Show would grab him, or was about to do anything to Punk, was hysterical! I knew Punk was going to sacrifice Gallows & Mercury, and that’s exactly what any true leader would do! After Punk abandoned his boys, Big Show pinned both Gallows & Mercury, for the three count! This match was exactly what it was suppose to be, Entertaining, comical, and a good mid-way space filler.

Winner: Big Show

We see Kane backstage, standing next to an open casket. Kane is telling Undertaker, that vengeance will be there, once he beats Rey Mysterio tonight. Kane says that once he defeats Rey tonight, he is going to close the casket lid and end Rey’s existence! Sheamus walks in at this point, and Kane asks what Sheamus wants. Sheamus made me laugh, by saying that the casket is too big for Rey Mysterio, but it is perfect-sized for Randy Orton! Sheamus asked to borrow the casket, explaining how he is going to drive Orton out of the WWE tonight. Kane replies, by saying no. Sheamus responds, by saying that’s too bad, because he and Kane could be unstoppable, if they were on the same page. Sheamus says that it’s fine, because people are calling him the REAL BIG RED MACHINE! Sheamus then tells Kane, to stay out of his way. Kane responds, by laughing at Sheamus, and saying that he likes Sheamus, because he has guts, guts that will be spilled all over the floor, if Sheamus ever interrupts him again! Sheamus then walks off. (Good Potential Feud, somewhere down the road!)

WWE Title match: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus – Besides Team WWE vs, The Nexus, this is the match I was looking forward to the most! It was a well-paced back and forth match, with plenty of two-count false-finishes, but the finish, and again, in my opinion, could have been much better. When Sheamus added the chair in the match and was eventually disqualified, I was hoping that Michael Cole, would have gotten an e-mail, from our anonymous General Manager, saying that the match will not end, until we get a clear winner, and that the match would now be a “No Disqualification Match!” Oh well, for all we know, that may be the case at next month’s “Night of Champions” PPV! (Just a thought) Either way, it was a good match/program, that obviously leaves the fans for more!

Winner by DQ: Randy Orton

After the match, Sheamus grabbed a chair attempting to hit Orton, but Orton ducked, and let the stars come out, by kicking Sheamus, as good O’l JR would put it, “He hit me down south!” (Right in Sheamus’ Celtic Ballz!) From there, Orton brought Sheamus to the outside, and delivered an RKO, on the announcer’s table! Orton’s music then plays overhead, while the WWE officials help Sheamus up, but Sheamus trips and falls down. Sheamus is still the WWE Champion. Orton wins by disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Title Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane – Nice back and forth match. There were numerous teases during the match, showing Kane opening the lid of the casket, making you think Taker would be inside, but every time the lid was opened, it was empty. Kane & Mysterio kind of remind me of Tom & Jerry. I guess even as a kid, I found myself cheering for the “heels!” Who else wanted for just once, to see Tom catch Jerry, and kick his ass in? Or the Wild Coyote catch the Road Runner and lay the SmackDown on his Candy Ass? Ok, before I get too carried away, Kane eventually caught Rey with a giant choke slam for the win!

Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane gets on the mic, telling Rey, that he will spend the rest of eternity in darkness! (Not too bad for a PG rating!) Kane opens the casket up, and goes to get Rey. Rey Fights Kane off, and Kane closes the casket. Kane gives Rey not one, but two more choke slams, and then a Tombstone Pile Driver! Kane now grabs Rey by the arm, and drags him over to the casket. When Kane opens the casket, the Undertaker, is now in it! (Gee, I would have never guessed! – yawn) Taker sits up, as the bell rings. Kane gives his best performance, by showing how shocked he is. First, Taker stares down Kane. Kane says to Taker, that it’s good to see you brother. Taker is now standing in front of Mysterio, and drops to one knee. Taker now asks Rey, if he’s ever heard of, “An Eye For an Eye & a Tooth For a Tooth?” Taker continues, by saying, before he makes things right, why did he do it? Rey is now shown begging and pleading with Taker, explaining that he didn’t do it. Taker responds by saying that he believes Rey, but then grabs Rey by the throat, picking him up to his feet! Taker then signals for the finish, by drawing a line across his neck, with his hand, staring at Rey. Taker then turns his head quickly, and stares directly at Kane! Uh-Oh, the jig is up! Taker now grabs Kane by the neck! Kane responds, by grabbing Taker’s neck as well! Kane gets the upper-hand however, and delivers a Tombstone on the Undertaker! Kane then stands over Taker, while his pyro goes off, with Kane’s music playing. Kane takes his World Title and leaves the ring. Meanwhile, Taker is shown, trying to recover. As Kane is walking up the ramp, he is laughing, before heading to the back. Get ready for Taker/Kane, Part 95,924,305!!!!

We are now shown clips from WWE’s events around Los Angeles, including Axxess, which is part of SummerSlam weekend.

The Nexus, is now heading to the ring, for tonight’s Main Event! We are now shown a video package, showing the events that led up to tonight’s Main Event!

Tag Team Elimination Match: Team RAW – John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, and R-Truth vs. The Nexus – Wade Barrett, Skip Sheffield, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Michael Tarver, Justin Gabriel, and Darren Young. Once all participants from both teams make their entrances, The Miz comes out. John Cena, stops the Miz dead in his tracks, by saying that the Miz is way too late! Cena explained to the Miz, that his team realized, how important this match was, and couldn’t wait on the Miz to make a decision. Cena continued, by explaining that his team went out and found a seventh member for Team WWE. Cena said it is someone who hates the Nexus as much as the rest of them! Cena introduces the seventh member, and it’s none other, than Daniel Bryan! I for one, am glad, that I no longer read the internet rumors, or posts, prior to the matches! For once, I didn’t even think about who it could be. The only person that came to mind, was Kofi Kingston, because of the beat-down he had suffered, earlier in his match with Ziggler. But then again, Ziggler got a taste of the Nexus earlier as well! I for one, was happy to see that it was Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson!

Daniel Bryan, used a guillotine-cross face submission move, that looked awesome! Cole started “hating” on Daniel Bryan. Hopefully, that storyline too, will eventually continue!

I’m not going to get into all the eliminations. What I will discuss, is Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Now obviously, we’re all aware, that The Hitman, is limited to ring activity, due to the stroke he had in the past, not to mention the concussion delivered by Bill Goldberg, that had forced Hart to retire, to begin with. I was extremely impressed by Hart’s showing! Not only did Hart exchange in punches with Heath Slater, and this time “successfully” mounted the second rope, for a series of punches, and Bret Hart ACTUALLY delivered a body slam to Heath Slater, setting up a sharpshooter! Unfortunately, someone from the Nexus threw a chair into the ring. Hart grabbed the chair, and used it on Skip Sheffield, causing Hart to be DQ’d/Eliminated. Besides the return of Daniel Bryan, the Bret Hart segment in the elimination match, was my favorite part. I guess it was my favorite part, because they utilized Bret very well, and not to mention, Bret actually looked pretty damn good, for a guy who is now unfortunately limited, because of his past injuries.

There were a few teases earlier in the match. For one, Cena not being involved for most of the match, had me thinking, and I’m sure many others for that matter, that Cena was in-fact, turning “heel”, and joining the Nexus! To make me even further think that this may be a reality, Cena “accidentally” interfered with not only Jericho, but also Edge, causing them both, to be pinned and eliminated! Eventually, it was down to Cena & Bryan against Wade Barrett & Justin Gabriel, and Heath Slater. (Side Note: Cena has a new Purple/Yellow Combo T-Shirt/Hat/Arm Bands, so that alone, should have given good reason that Cena would stay a “face.” Cena + Merchandise = $$$$!!!!)

While Cena is on the outside on the floor injured, Daniel Bryan is now in the ring, wrestling Heath Slater. Bryan sends Slater into the ring, and follows up with a missile dropkick. Bryan locks in the crossface, forcing Slater to tap out. (Man, I hope Daniel Bryan doesn’t get released, yet agaian! First the “choking” with the tie, and now a cross-face? I thought WWE was trying to block out the existence of Chris Benoit!?!?)

Once Slater is eliminated, the Miz comes out from the back, and attacks Daniel Bryan from behind, hitting Bryan in the back, with his “Money in the Bank” briefcase! (Dare we say, Miz vs. Bryan for the U.S. Title, at Night of Champions?) Once Daniel Bryan is knocked out, Wade Barret, pins Bryan for the quick pin/elimination.

It’s now down to Cena vs. Barret & Gabriel. Cena gets beat down for a while, by both Barrett & Gabriel. Gabriel goes for his 450 Splash, but misses. Cena gets the quick cover on Gabriel, and it’s now down to Cena vs. Barrett!

Barrett runs in the ring, but is met with an STF, and eventually taps out, and the match is over!

Winners: Team RAW, John Cena!

My Thoughts & Opinions: I thought it was a good PPV. It was a solid card, and started the build of Taker/Kane, and re-introduced Daniel Bryan!

Next month, is the Night of Champions PPV! Below, is my predictions, of how the card will/should be. (In no particular order)

Re-Match for the Intercontinental Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler. (Because there was no finish, due to the Nexus interfering)

Melina vs. LayCool. (Because of the beat down Melina suffered from LayCool)

Possible 3-Way Unified Tag-Team Title Match. Hart Foundation vs. The Uso’s, vs. Koslov & Santino Marella. (Remember: Last week Tamina was making advances towards Santino. I smell a set-up!)

WWE Title Re-Match: No Disqualification Match – Randy Orton vs. Sheamus. (Because of Sheamus’ use of the steel chair last night!)

World Heavyweight Title Match: Kane vs. Undertaker (Because of the outcome of Kane vs. Rey)

And Possibly: The Miz FINALLY going up against Daniel Bryan! U.S. Title Match!

Well, for what it’s worth, it sounds like a great card to me! Let’s see if I’m right, or for that matter, even close!

Until next time!

“Brooklyn’s Own!”
Toddy D!

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