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“Remembering Luna Vachon”

I had the opportunity, back in August of 2007, to host the Turnbuckle Promotions Convention, held in Long Island. The convention, lasted two days. (Saturday & Sunday) My friend and “former” co-worker from my NWA Cyberspace/Shockwave Wrestling days, Derek Gordon, was in charge of filming the two day event, that was going to be later released to DVD. (Which unfortunately, still yas yet to have been released)

So my friend Derek calls me up, and tells me, that he needs someone to host the two day convention, and since he was already scheduled, to be behind the camera, who better than, “Yours Truly”, to host the event? So I accepted his offer, and the next two days, Derek and I, had interviewed several talents, from the 60 wrestlers of the past and present. One of them, was Luna Vachon.

I showed up bright and early that Saturday, for my first day of hosting the convention. When I entered the parking lot, along with my car, there was only one more car there. As I’m getting out of my car, the car door opens, from the other car that was parked there. Out comes Luna Vachon, and an unidentified man. Luna walked directly up to me, introduced herself, and shook my hand. She was very polite and funny as well. After our introductions, Luna turned to the gentlemen who was with her, (I think it was either her husband, or manager) as well as myself, and said: “I guess we’re a little early!” It wasn’t what Luna had said was funny, but how Luna had said it, with her raspy voice and facial expression, as if she were cutting a “promo” in the parking lot we were in that morning!

So as people and wrestlers, who were scheduled for the convention, started to fill in, Luna had asked me who I was, and my background in wrestling. (I had a couple of lamnents on around my neck, so it was obvious that I was part of the convention) Luna was very sincere, in the questions she had asked me, and seemed genuinely interested, in what I had to say. Luna had then complimented me, on my knowledge of Professional Wrestling.

So after speaking for a while, I explained to Luna, how Derek and I, would be interviewing several wrestlers over the next two days, for the DVD compilation. I asked Luna if she would be able to spare some of her time and sit down with us, for an interview. Luna’s response, was: “Absolutely! I have a lot to say and would love to tell everyone, what’s on my mind!”…. And so Luna did!

Luna went into explicit detail, explaining how she helped push the WWE character “Sable” at the time. (Sable, her real name Rena was then married to Mark Mero. Sable, (Rena) is currently married to UFC Champ, and “former” WWE Champ, Brock Lesnar) Luna spoke about fake punches vs. real punches, how wrestling use to be, and what it has become, and many other intersting topics!

After the interview was over, I shook Luna’s hand, and thanked her, not only for her time, but also, for being so up front and honest, regarding her career, and how the business was, when she had first started out, and what it has now become.

Over the last few days, since Luna’s passing, I’ve read several stories on the internet. There were personal stories, people decided to share, like myself. Most were regarding Luna’s career, and how she was one of the last, of the “Old School” women’s wrestlers, who had graced the squared circle. And unfortunately, the other reports that I read, were the police report, regarding that oxycodone, pills, and other paraphernalia, that was discovered in the home, where Luna was living. (Luna was living at her mother’s home, as Luna’s home, had recently burned down)

It’s such a shame. First, not only did Luna’s home burn down to the ground, but Luna had also lost the majority of her wrestling memorabilia. Then, the untimely death of another wrestler, taken from us too soon. I read that Luna was bi-polar, and was taking meds, in order to treat it. Because of Luna being bi-polar, promoter’s and bookers had said that Luna would sometimes be hard to deal with. I guess back in August of 2007, when the first person who had greeted me for that two day convention, was Luna, it must have been one of Luna’s better days, because Luna was nothing but nice, courteous, and a true professional!

That’s the Luna, that I had the honor and privilege to meet. R.I.P. Luna.

Until next time!

“Brooklyn’s Own!”
Toddy D!

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