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The Debut of Toddy D Behind The Stick

The long awaited trailer for the most controversial pro wrestling event in the summer of 2007.

Wrestling Megafest 2007 in Lynbook, NY could be considered the biggest wrestling convention of all-time that no one attended. Unfortunately, this upcoming DVD does NOT tell that story.

While the show was dying a painful death, Scott Epstein of Publicity Managment Services (PMS) hired former NWA Cyberspace/Shockwave booker, Derek Gordon, to capture the event and talk to the legends. But like any wrestling event, there were good guys and bad guys. Some turned their backs to our cameras while others used it as a forum to discuss, educate and vent on the business we know as pro wrestling.

Hosted by newcomer Toddy D. Depalma, the DVD features exclusive interviews with Vince Russo, Sid Eudy, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Jimmy Hart, Goldylocks, Luna Vachon, Virgil, Al Snow, Daffney, and the legendary “Superstar” Billy Graham!

After 3 long years, this DVD still awaits its release date.

Produced and Directed by DieHard Derek Gordon

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