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Who’s Working Who? You Decide!

Ever since Triple H became the “COO” of the WWE, he has been, rational, considerate, willing to listen to people’s input on a variety of subjects, and more or less, acting like your typical politician. Enter CM Punk. I think it’s safe to say, that along with myself, CM Punk, is looking for “The Game” to resurface! “The King of Kings”, “The Cerebral Assassin!” Take your pic, but this “Look at Me I’m Dressed Like a Grown-Up” Triple H isn’t working!

For the last few weeks, CM Punk, has been going out of his way to insult Triple H, question his manhood, and take low-blow shots at his family, just to apparently get a rise out of The Game. Enter Big Daddy Cool Diesel, or Kevin Nash, Vinnie Vegas, Oz? Eh, take your pic! Anyway, my point is this. “Supposedly”, Nash received a text message last week, explaining to, “take-out” CM Punk.

CM Punk, is repeatedly accusing Triple H & Kevin Nash, of working together, and having Nash take care of Trippy’s dirty-work. I don’t see it this way at all! What I see, is this. I see CM Punk & Nash, setting up Hunter, working “secretly” together, and at “Night of Champions”, Hunter is going to get his corporate-ass power-bombed, courtesy of Big Daddy Cool!

From there, I see a possible re-formation of the nWo, with Nash acting in a Leader/Managerial Role, and CM Punk, as his first acquisition! You heard it here first!

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Toddy D!

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