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Matt Hardy Posts Suicide Note

Matt Hardy posted a youtube video that read like a suicide note. It shows his date of birth and then shows the date of August 31, 2011, indicating the date of Hardy’s death. Matt Hardy told people that regardless of what they might think of him, that he loved them all and his time here is almost gone, saying he had a few hours left.

I truly sincerely hope that Matt Hardy finds the help, that he needs. I had the opportunity to meet Matt Hardy a few years ago. We spoke about the wrestling business, family, pets, and even his break-up, with Amy “Lita” Dumas. Lita actually called Matt on his cell phone, while we were talking.

It just goes to show, that even the people who have all the money, fame, property, cars, and whatever else you could imagine, dream, and hope to one day acquire for yourself, these people, like you, have every day problems.

My prayers and thoughts, are with Matt Hardy, his friends and family at this time. Lets just hope that Matt Hardy receives the help he desperately needs, before it’s too late.

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