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Is The Poffo Family Hall of Fame Bound????

As a child growing up, I would go to Cooperstown every summer with my father, to check out the Baseball Hall of Fame. When I turned thirteen, my dad and I, decided to go to Canton, Ohio,to check out the Football Hall of Fame. Both HOF’s, were great, but since I was a wrestling fan above anything else at an early age, I had always imagined what it would be like, if there was a Wrestling Hall of Fame.

I started training to become a professional wrestler, in 1992. I was trained by “The Unpredictable” Johnny Rodz. After a few short years of wrestling for Johnny, Johnny informed his students, that he was being “inducted” into the “then” WWF Hall of Fame, which we all know now, as “The WWE Hall of Fame.”

Over the years, we have seen a list of impressive, worthy wrestlers, that have been inducted. Some, in my opinion, are questionable. (More on that at another time) The one person, or family that has not yet gotten their due, which believe me, is well over-due, is Randy “Macho Man” Savage, along with his Father, Angelo Poffo, and “The Poet Laureate” – “Leaping” Lanny Poffo!

Some may say that Lanny Poffo, was “enhanced talent” at best, but the truth of the matter, is that Lanny Poffo, “did” have a four month run, back in 1989, with the “then” WWF, managing Mr. Perfect Curt Hening. At the time, Hening was chasing Hulk Hogan for the title, and Lanny Poffo had a match against The Hulkster on Saturday Night’s Main Event!

I guess the point I’m trying to make here, is that the WWE has already inducted The Von Erich’s as a group, Bret “The Hitman” Hart has been inducted, along with his father, Stu Hart. Who better next to be inducted than the Poffo Family? Lanny Poffo recently said in an interview, that shortly before Savage’s death, when Randy Savage was asked about his thoughts on being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, Savage replied simply by saying that the only way he would want to be inducted, would be if it were all three of them. Randy, Lanny, & their father, Angelo Poffo.

One of the all-time greatest and most talked about WrestleMania matches, is Savage/Steamboat. “The Dragon” has already gotten his “due.” It took two people to create that classic!

Attention WWE: “If you’re listening, make things right and induct Randy Savage, along with his dad and brother.

When Triple H inducted Ric Flair, Triple H said, that not only does Ric Flair deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, he should have his own wing. Well, with that being said, I think Savage deserves the same!

Until next time!

“Brooklyn’s Own!”
Toddy D!

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