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A Sad Fall From Grace

I just finished watching the ESPN E60 on Scott Hall. It was so hard to watch. I’ve been following Scott Hall’s career since the “Mid 80’s!”

From Scott Hall’s 80’s “Magnum PI” look, to his 90’s Scarface Character “Bad Guy” Razor Ramone, to “nWo” Scott Hall, and definitely last and saddest on my list, 53 year old Scott Hall. Because of all the drug abuse, drinking, and partying, Scott Hall has experienced having seizures, and is now currently taking up to 11 different types of prescribed medication, to control his health issues.

With all that said, Scott Hall went to wrestle for Steve Ricard’s Top Rope Promotions, just a day or two after being hospitalized. I applaud the effort on Scott’s part, but the promoter knew better than what he allowed to happen! The promoter fucking exploited a frail ill Scott Hall, and if that wasn’t bad enough, he continued the embarrassment, by having his wrestlers lay the boots into a an almost unconscious Scott Hall! REAL PROFESSIONAL ASSHOLE!!!!

I just hope Scott Hall gets the help before it’s too late. Scott Hall is one of the all-time greats, to lace the boots up. He was great at his gimmick, awesome on the mic, and when he was sober, he was fucking on in that ring, and “few” could have come close to Scott Hall when he was in his prime!

Scott, “If you can hear me out there or ever happen to read this.” “Hey Yo!” “Chico!” When you were at your best and if we would have done a survey, I would want to remember you for all of your great accomplishments, and not the sad state that we see you in today. Get help, get well, get better, and hopefully if and when you do, it will definitely be another win, for “The Bad Guy!”

Until next time!

“Brooklyn’s Own!”
Toddy D!

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