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Ultimate Warrior Possessed By Gary Busey

I have no idea what to make of this. I didn’t even know that The Ultimate Warrior was doing some kind of show on the internet. I’ve seen all his previous videos where he’s dropping a deuce on Hogan…(“Terrrrrrry!!!…. Tell ’em about all the cocaine and wild parties Terry!!!… Tell the people about how to pimp Linda out to me Terrrrrry!!! – hysterical!), but in this new series – I think the Warrior is trying to use his past success to motivate the not-so-motivated youth. To be honest, I have no fucking clue what this show is about. All I know is that it features the Warrior going banana flavored ape shit on a bunch of young boys trying to get them all jacked up about boydbuilding…(that summary is of … Read entire article »

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In The Shit Pit with Piper

I’ve had the chance to work with WWE Hall of Famer and pro wrestling iconic legend Rowdy Roddy PIper on numerous occasions. As much as I like Roddy as a person, he’s not that far off from who portrays in the gimmick. Basically, he’s pretty fucked up! Working with Roddy brings you an instant rush and when the camera is rolling, Hot Rod is in a comfort zone like no other. Ironically, he’s more “normal” in front of the camera than he is when he’s off it. Back in 2003, I was doing some independent work with Roddy and thought a few friends might like to meet him. At the time, Roddy traveled with an assistant, who did every thing from dial his cell phone to cut and butter his bagels. … Read entire article »

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