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“Brooklyn’s Own” Toddy D Discusses Internet “Mark” Rich Mancuso!

Has anyone ever heard of Rich Mancuso? Of course NOT! For the last 20 or 30 years, Internet “Mark” Rich Mancuso, has been broadcasting an internet radio show on Sunday Nights out of the Bronx, NY. Rich “The Mark” Mancuso, as I like to refer to him, is lucky if he actually has 3-5 followers tops!

“Brooklyn’s Own” Toddy D WAS in-fact warned about this internet mark a while back, but I still decided to “add” this clown on facebook. After about a week of being added to Rich “The Mark” Mancuso’s facebook page, Mancuso sent an IM to me. Rich had asked me, if I was interested on being on his radio show. I figured, “Why not!” Even if the listening ratio was minimal, it would at least be some type of platform, to “plug” my website & discuss what “Brooklyn’s Own” Toddy D has been up to, and what I’m going to be doing in the near future.

Well, I never got that far. This past Monday, January 23rd, like everyone else, I was watching Monday Night RAW. The big topic on facebook that evening, was the current storyline regarding Chris Jericho. As you know, since Y2J has been back in a WWE Ring, he has not spoken except for the “Yeah Baby!” he mutters under his breath, while slapping hands with the fans and acting as if he were overwhelmed with emotion. Obviously Y2J is sucking the fans in for an eventual “heel-turn” and big payoff in the end.

So while I’m watching Y2J on his “Highlight Reel”, Rich “The Mark” Mancuso, posts on FB that the Jericho angle is “absurd.” I decided to “weigh-in” on “The Mark” Mancuso’s comments and shoot back, that I felt it was pure genius! So “The Mark” Mancuso questioned my comments, by saying: Genius? You think after three weeks they let him speak. I told this “mark” to get with the program! So this “mark” starts to ramble on & on how he’s been with the “program” longer than I was born and asking me if this is what I call sports entertainment. So I responded by saying, “bro u may be older than “Brooklyn’s Own” Toddy D, but you’re obviously NOT wiser!” Well, as I was laughing to myself, just finding out first hand how much of a jerk off, a mark, and an ignorant uneducated asshole this internet mark really is, not thinking Rich “The Mark” Mancuso couldn’t be any more pathetic, the mark responds by saying, “Okay if you say so. I’m not a legend but been at this a long time. No need to debate. Go back to your perch and watch the crap.”

I NEVER referred to this douchebag as a “legend” so that needs to be cleared up right off the bat! This guy is a delusional pathetic excuse for a human being! It’s guys like him that makes the wrestling business look bad! After what I thought was the usual “difference of opinion” regarding people’s opinions on pro-wrestling, here I thought people like Rich “The Mark” Mancuso who “claims” to be in the business, I thought he would welcome my opinions and feedback, but instead this wanna-be not only blocks me from responding to his ridiculous comments, but goes a step further and removes me from his FB page, because I disagreed with him! Yeah, “That’s right!” You heard me correctly! This asshole removed me from his page, because I challenged & disagreed what Rich “The Mark” Mancuso said!

Get over it pal! You’re a, “Has-Been That Never Was!” Unlike you and your pathetic internet radio show, I’ve “ACTUALLY” been in the wrestling business for over 20 years. I’ve been a wrestler, a manager, interviewer, producer, director, booker, and the CEO of my own company! What have you done lately? Nothing!

I bet if I created a website watching paint dry, it would attract more viewers than your lame-ass internet show!

Until next time!

“Brooklyn’s Own!”
Toddy D!

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