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Blast From The Past: The Rockers Break Up on Barber Shop

Anybody remember when feuds meant something? Remember when a heel turn was something you’d talk about with your wrestling friends for weeks? Remember the significance of tag team partners? I bet some of you young-lings are like, what’s a tag team?

Who ever thought that the bleach blonde party boy Shawn Michaels would become arguably the greatest performer in the history of the business? I knew Shawn was going to be a mega heel and I knew he was going to be one of the greatest Intercontinental champions ever – but heavyweight champion? You got me there. Hall of Famer? Again, didn’t see that one coming. Greatest of all time? I knew he had it, I just didn’t know he knew it.

Watching this clip makes me remember how drama was built. It reminds me that there are no strong bonds onscreen between workers anymore. Nothing lasting and nothing worth breaking. Damn shame what the industry has become. Creatively meaningless with no regrets or remorse for discrediting the simplistic yet effective history. What are some of your greatest pro wrestling memories?

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