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Tales From The Booker Launches

I get TONS of emails asking about my time n the pro wrestling industry and if I have any interesting stories that I can share. For the most part, I like to keep most of my experiences to myself because I’m not the type to kiss and tell. Don’t take that in the literal sense. I’m not talking about stories of me fucking female wrestlers and ring rats. I mean that in the general sense , in that the business I conduct is between myself (or my company) and those who I am doing business with. Just because it pro wrestling has exposed itself and pulled the curtain on the inner backstage workings, doesn’t mean that I do the same.

A while ago, I wrote an article entitled, “CM Punk is a Fucking Douchebag“. It got a lot of attention because Punk’s career was getting hot, and it was one of the first inside looks I offered DieHard Wrestling fans have in my experiences with some big name talent. The post was later followed by another article entitled, “Bret “Hitman” Hart – The 1998 Tribute Videos and Pre-Screwjob Story“. Again, I told of my dealings with the WWE Hall of Famer and how we both started for WCW.

The emails poured in asking for more stories and insight. To be honest, there aren’t as many stories as you’d expect, and furthermore, I’d really have to sit and sort my thoughts to give it in full details. But the other day, I stumbled upon some content that I had written while booking and co-promoting NWA Cyberspace. It was a column I had started called, Tales From The Booker.

At the time, I was accepting and answering fan emails while offering an inside look into our day-to-day operations. Yeah, it was against my rule, but with so many piece of shit websites out there trying to derail our hard work simply because they were envious keyboard tough guys who wanted to drag our names in the mud with their speculations and false stories – I figured it would be best for fans to hear it directly from the guy in charge who had a reputation for telling it like it is. I had nothing to hide and the truth is the easiest thing to remember.

So I opened the door for the fans to ask question on rumors they had heard. You want to know what really happened? Then come ask me, not some douchebag cocksucker whose never had a conversation with me and just likes stirring the pot of shit for the amusement of his little following. You want answers? You want the truth? Then let ME give it to you!

I came across articles on the subjects of April Hunter and Jeff Jarrett – and why they parted ways with the company. Not only did the fans dig their teeth into the story and my point of view, but I also got response from those who the articles centered around. I was thanked by April and Jarrett for my honesty, and for not trying to spin the situation to make me seem like I was the higher authority. I spoke the truth, admitted my faults and cleared the air from all the false rumors that were out there. I had no regrets.

With the resurgence of DieHard Wrestling, I get asked the same questions from a new group of fans. But rather than diving in headfirst, I figured I should test the waters and recycle some of the old stories before telling some new ones that I haven’t told before. So at the DieHard Wrestling website, I’ve re-posted the original articles that tell the story of why April Hunter and Jeff Jarrett left NWA Cyberspace. I also give some insight on the scouting and booking process in another article discussing a four-way tag team match.

When you get a chance, give them a read. And if you have any questions you’d like answered by “The Booker”, feel free to hit me up here in the comments section or directly at

Coming soon – Tales From The Booker will have all new stories featuring Lex Luger, Vince Russo, Tammy Sytch, Rodney Mack and Jazz, and much more!

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