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DieHard Derek Joins The Greg DeMarco Show

When people read DieHard Derek’s comments and opinions on the pro wrestling business – they tend to feel that I come from the perspective where the glass is half empty rather than being half full. Truth of the matter is, that in this business – the glass IS half empty! And so if the brain capacity.

I’m not trying to be negative, but I am offering strong constructive criticism. Not because I know better than those there (although I most likely do) but because I’d like to educate the new generation of wrestling fans in the true art form of pro wrestling. When I fell in love with the business many moons ago, there was a magic. There was a formula. There was common fucking sense! What you youngsters see and cheer for today is sports entertainment. The circus coming to town and rather than pimping animals in ballerina outfits, they have sweaty men in tights. Yeah, it;s always been that way – but now the focus is more on the animated B-level acting and storylines rather than a competitive full contact pseudo sport full of champions and challengers hungry to be the top guy. BIG difference. The difference is that in those days, it made you believe. But now that the curtain has been pulled and the wizard has been exposed – how can you ever believe again?….That’s where I come in…

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This Episodes Guest: Luke Robinson (WWE Tough Enough)

Co-host: Andy Critchell

Contributors: DieHard Derek Gordon, Steve Cook, Tony Acero, Justin Freemyer, Buggy Nova

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