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Return of The House Show

Epico and Primo are your new WWE tag team champions! …And it happened at a house show! I absolutely LOVE that!

There is no need for title changes to be exclusively reserved for televised events. Thenight Hogan beat the Shiek at the Garden, no one knew it was coming. The night Savage beat Sanatana for the IC title in Boston, no one knew it was coming. The nights Bret defeated Flair in Saskatoon, Diesel defeated Backlund at MSG, and a host of others…no one knew it was coming!

For over 15 years, WWE has kept 99% of title changes for televised events. By doing so, there was no real purpose to attend a house show other than to see your favorite superstars live in the flesh. There was a time, and a great time at that, where house shows ran their own local storylines that were parallel to the storylines on TV. A big match would be booked, a run-in would take place, a save would be made and a main event would be spawned for the next event. Your champions also defended the title against the mid-carders who normally wouldn’t get a title match on TV. Those matches were small “dream matches” that you thought would never happen but were willing to pay to see live so that you could discuss it later with your friends. Today’s house shows are watered down versions of what you see on television and PPV. You’re basically paying for a low quality carbon copy rather than a stimulant of originality.

Not only did you crave the originality of a house show stacked with dream matches, but you would buy the wrestling magazines to see what other dream matches occurred in other towns. When you heard about those matches, it would then prompt you to buy the Coliseum Video that featured the best of the best house show matches.

Not only did this give wrestling fans a creative passion, but it was wrestling economics. House shows were sell outs without an empty seat. Wrestling magazines were hot on newsstands offering thought provoking articles that enhanced storylines and featured coverage of those shows you wanted to attend. Video rentals and sales were up because there was an interest to see and own rare footage from around the world rather than recycling what was already available. Money was being spent on pro wrestling without oversaturation and minimal effort. The wrestling economy was strong….BUT, I guess poor economic planning and raising prices are what is to be expected from a McMahon who is a staunch republican. OOOOOOOH! Yeah, I went there!

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