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Smackdown Title Loses All Value in 18 Seconds

*Excerpts from DieHard Pro Wrestling Blog:

A new world champion was crowned at Wrestlemania, as 2012 Royal Rumble winner Sheamus defeated defending champion Daniel Bryan…in 18 seconds!!!

“Now this could technically go down as one of the biggest and most surprising Wrestlemania moments of all-time, but I’d categorize it as one of the most insulting and demeaning.”

“..the Raw title is the most prestigious championship in all of pro wrestling and no one really gives a shit about the Smackdown title.”

“Sure, the office won’t say it publicly. They fear the backlash of going on the record and saying, ‘He’s too small…He has no charisma…He doesn’t draw.'”

“A historic moment was at the first Wrestlemania when King Kong Bundy defeated SD Jones in 9 seconds. But it was Bundy squashing a jobber, not a world title match with a guy who can run circles around most of the roster.”

“… it’s apparent that creative doesn’t know how to utilize Daniel Bryan. Now that his title run is over, the chances are slim to none that he will ever regain the strap, let alone the opportunity.”

“Unfortunately for Daniel Bryan, pro wrestling is fake…or shall I say “pre-determined”? It doesn’t matter how good he is. What matters is how good they make him look with their script-writing. While he has no control over his character or the words that come out of his mouth during his promos, Daniel Bryan’s future seems bleak as he resorts to being another one of the creative robots. A championship squash match during the opening of Wrestlemania is a clear indication that creative has nothing left for you.”

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