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The Monster’s Fire Keeps Burning

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In a surprise to many for a match with minimal build, Kane defeated Randy Orton.

“There was never any real reason for heat between the competitors. It was simply two of the top veteran guys working against each other on the main card.”

“Sometimes, drawn out storylines overkill the concept of having an effective match. It compromises the choreography of the match because you have to hit certain spots to make sure the story is properly told. There are times where outside entertainment factors play too much of a role when the match should simply focus on the wrestling.”

“Kane needed the win a lot more than Orton did…. Had Kane lost this match, his appeal and effect as a “monster heel” would have been killed.”

“The best way to move forward here is to end this feud now. There was no real story or real reason for the program to continue. They are just two guys whose paths crossed at Wrestlemania. One guy lost and the other got his hand raised…now, move on!”

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