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Diva’s Match Didn’t Need “Extra” Hype

*Excerpts from DieHard Pro Wrestling Blog*

Kelly Kelly and host of television’s Hollywood gossip show Extra, Maria Menounos defeated Divas champion Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres.

“Not much to talk about here. It’s the token boobs and booty match of any WWE event.”

‘I’m glad that the WWE didn’t go over the top like they usually do when promoting a celebrity wrestling appearance at Mania…. nothing more than a slap to the face of the talent that works 340 days a year, and I can easily understand John Morrison’s position last year…”

“I don’t know how many additional PPV buys and newly converted fans the WWE gained last year by having Snooki on the show – but I sure as shit know that they didn’t gain anything from having Menounos appear.”

“Overall, the match was treated right and offered the divas a deserved spot on the card…the match proved that the girls can in fact wrestle and don’t have to be resorted to yearly gimmick matches such as Playboy Pillow Fights and Lumberjack matches.”

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