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Big Show Gets Big Moment, But Put Focus Back on Rhodes

*Excerpts from DieHard Pro Wrestling Blog*

The Big Show finally got his Wrestlemania moment when he defeated champion Cody Rhodes to win the Intercontinental title.

“…it was one of my favorite original concepts of the year… simplicity at its best! Another prime example of less is in fact more!”

“What made this angle work is that most fans forgot how bad Big Show’s Wrestlemania track record really was. He truly never had a real Wrestlemania moment. Before this angle, if you were to ask a fan about any of Big Show’s matches at previous Wrestlemanias, they’d be stumped to answer you…It’s like anytime Wrestlemania season came around, Big Show got bit by the asshole bug.”

“The problem here is that Big Show doesn’t need the title as much as Rhodes does, and it would be wise for creative to put it back on him as soon as possible. Remember, this was never really about being a championship match. It was simply about Big Show having his moment.”

“Well, the moment happened. Wrestlemania is over. Now we need to get the focus back on bringing value to the title and making Rhodes one of the top stars on the roster… There has been talk of pushing Rhodes to the main event level and having him feud with Randy Orton to set him up for a shot at the heavyweight title. In my opinion, it’s a mistake.”

“…look at Dolph Ziggler…Got his main event match at the Royal Rumble and has been main eventing house shows with CM Punk across the globe. But after doing the jobs, where is he now? …. pushing him to the top only to knock him back down makes no sense at all. And I fear the same fate for Cody Rhodes.”

“In this new WWE creative universe, valid history has no part. They may keep track of how many titles you’ve won, but your win/loss record is meaningless. When you’re wrestling every week and doing jobs for the sake of entertainment or cheap pops, matches become meaningless themselves.”

“It’s like WWE suffers from severe cases of A.D.D. and short term memory loss….The constant flipping of scripts and rebooting of characters doesn’t leave much to build a legacy on. The time line of careers is so botched and flip flopped, you’d think you were watching a Republican GOP race.”

“In the end, Big Show finally won his moment. But now that Wrestlemania is over, it’s time to focus on the future…and it starts with putting the IC strap back on Cody Rhodes.”

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