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Cena vs Rock – The Wait Is OVER.

*Excerpts from DieHard Pro Wrestling Blog*

The Rock defeated John Cena after the year long build up of the greatest pro wrestling main event of all-time.

“As much criticism as The Rock gets, everyone needs to realize he WAS a pro wrestler long before he became a Hollywood star. And when he was a pro wrestler, he was one of the greatest of all time!….It’s not like Brad Pitt or George Clooney came in and Cena did the job for them. The Rock came back “home”.”

“It’s not like Cena had the entire year off to prep for the match. He worked harder than ever to maintain his status as the face of the company and still stay healthy, strong and focused on the “once in a lifetime” match. Hate Cena all you want, but you better fucking respect him!”

“It was built as the greatest Wrestlemania main event of all time… and I think they’re right. The only other Wrestlemania main event that could challenge for those bragging rights would be Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI… I think Rock vs. Cena trumped it!”

“The match is everything it was expected to be, and more. Rock and Cena were in full control and they’re eyes were locked only on each other.”

“Based on their history and bad blood, you wondered how much of the match was a shoot and how much was a work. You looked for hard punches that may have “accidentally slipped”…there were also times where The Rock was being a blatant prick. You can tell on the outside of the ring that he was dead weight to Cena every time Cena tried to powerlift him. The Rock wasn’t giving an inch!”

“This match was a clash of passions. It doesn’t matter who won. What mattered was that it got the fans engaged. It wasn’t designed to entertain, it was designed to get your blood pumping and make you fall in love with pro wrestling all over again…..Regardless of the outcome, the only two words that sum up this match for both The Rock and John Cena is… Thank you!”

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