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Do I Really Need To Discuss That Pitiful Episode of RAW?

I can’t believe that it’s Wednesday night, and I keep getting emails from YOU fans asking, – “Aren’t you going to make any mention of this week’s RAW?” Do I really need to? The fact that I haven’t written anything about it should sum it up, shouldn’t it?

Well, rather than getting into all the details, let’s do like we to the one night stand girls and just hit the right sports and get the hell out of this mess!

Am I the only one who feels that the WWE has lost creative steam post-Wrestlemania? The return of Brock Lesnar was a major shake-up, but it left so many unanswered questions – let alone feeling rushed into a mediocre PPV at Extreme Rules. The show has become a senseless pile up of badly acted soap opera drama and slapstick comedy. Creative storytelling is supposed to toy with your emotions, not confuse them. When you’re confused, you easily lose interest, and in a desperate attempt to regain your attention, creative shit is thrown against the wall just to see if it will stick.

This episode of RAW was no different. Outside of the bile stench from the R-Truth as Sherlock Holmes skits, the show was outright dreadful. The matches were poorly chosen, the script was poorly written, and the wrong talent worked the show. With talented workers like The Miz, Cody Rhodes and Alberto Del Rio, why did I have to watch matches with The Great Kahli, Brodus Clay and Zack Ryder?

I think the Punk/Jericho feud is stuck int he mud. A Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules will do nothing to help it. In fact, it takes away from the magic these two can put on in the ring. The whole “temptation and family of alcoholics bit” is overdone. It was a good lead in for Wrestlemania, but now it’s the same thing EVERY week. Jericho needs to come up with something else, because Punk looks like a deer in the headlights. Perhaps it would have been wiser to sideline Punk after having a bottle smashed against his head. Question if he would ever be able to wrestle again. Let us think he might have to forfeit the title. No I understand the need for a street fight, and I might be willing to pay for it. But nope… he’s good to go for the next week!

Am I the only one who thinks Santino has resorted himself to the lame and toddler demographic services of being a Bushwacker? Yeah, he might not walk like a duck to the ring or lick your face. In fact, you’ll need to be licking a sweaty asshole to get the bad taste of his work out of your mouth. Santino is a glorified jobber to the roster. A Koko B. Ware of sorts. There is no need to put a championship[ around his waist…Oh wait, that’s not a championship belt. That’s a “prop” that was decorated by a pre-school to celebrate the fourth of July.

Zack Ryder, I was rooting for ya buddy. You worked for me at NWA Cyberspace and were a great and humble kid. I really supported how you got on the office’s radar with your web show. But what has become of you? You’re like the nerd who not only drops the ball, but kicks it away too. Like Santino, you’re a glorified jobber with his own merchandise. The chicks dig you, so I’d put you into the “Jim Powers” category. Maybe it’s time for a heel turn? Or are you just patiently waiting for Santinio to get released so you can take over his spot as number one jobber?

The last thing I want to talk about is the build up for John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. RAW aired a pre-recorded interview with Lesnar that was scripted perfectly. This is the way promos need to be designed and delivered. Hard hitting facts that need no sugar coating. No bullshit gimmicks or animated hatred. The real type of “best in the world” magic the Punk/Jericho feud needs. It was summed up when Brock stated that Cena is only in the spot he’s in now because Brock left eight years ago, and that if he were still around, Cena would be the guy carrying his bags into the building.

My question is, why rush into this feud? If you need to make big money outside of Wrestlemanai, then I can understand. If you were building for next year’s Wrestlemania, then it would make even more sense. But to rush it into a gimmick storyline for Extreme Rules? I’m lost. Mark my words – people will buy the PPV to see the return of Brock. Not Brock vs. Cena. But it didn’t have the build that Cena/Rock had for Mania. The storyline of “what would Cena be today if Brock didn’t leave eight years ago” is enough to carry the weight for next year’s mania main event. But instead of the perfect build, you get the answer in two weeks.

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