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Put The IC Title Back On Cody Rhodes

It bothers me that WWE creative always seems to drop the ball in the push of their brightest stars. In the beginning it was. Rhodes was paired with Ted DiBiase Jr and Randy Orton as part of Evolution – a trio of kids riding on their family name. But since the “evolution”, Orton has become one of the company’s biggest stars, and DiBiase…, well, he’s still trying to find himself.

Cody Rhodes is much more than a family name. He’s a stand alone star. And his morals were nodded in approval when he revived the legacy and value of the Intercontinental title. More so when he brought back the traditional design that was the most sought after title in all of pro wrestling.

The title needs to be wanted again. Young independent workers need to look upon these championship belts as career goals and pinnacles. There needs to be a boyhood fantasy of wearing a title held by the few and chosen. Not a prop in a storyline. A championship of value. And that was something Cody Rhodes was bringing back.

Let the kid do his job and restore tradition and value. Enough with storyline and return matches. Cody Rhodes is the young star who can grow to be a legend and future hall of famer, so why is he doing jobs? Enough already with the cartoon antics on your weekly comedic sitcom. Even in the name sports entertainment, it refers to the sport before the entertainment. Bring back the competitive challenges and give us something to root for rather than something to laugh at. Give us pro wrestling dammit! And it starts with putting the Intercontinental belt back around Cody Rhodes’ waist!

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