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Devon Nicholson Challenges Kurt Angle: Real Challenge or Real Good Way To Get Your Name Out There?

Anybody ever heard of “Hannibal” Devon Nicholson?…Neither have I. At least, not until now.

From what I understand, he was a Canadian mainstay on the indies and had a dark match or two for the WWE – but that’s about it. I’m not shitting on the guy because I don’t know him or his work. But at the same time, when you Google his name and read through the Devon Nicholson Wikipedia (that was obviously written by himself, it makes you wonder if he’s just another weekend warrior putting himself over as some great worker, yet was never noticed by a major organization.

Again, I’ve never heard of him – but at the same time, I’ve been out of the indy loop for a few years now. I do know that he wasn’t a name I heard of while i was promoting or booking. And when you invite yourself to the WWE training camp, it doesn’t say much about their interest in you. As a promoter, I shale my head when I read someone’s Wikipedia and it says, “In May 2009 Nicholson attended a WWE try out camp in Tampa Florida. He was told by WWE agent Pat Patterson that he was the best wrestler in the camp.” Sounds like somebody is blowing smoke up their own ass.

The Wiki account also reads – “In 2009, Nicholson was offered a World Wrestling Entertainment contract, but the offer was rescinded, when a medical examination revealed that he had contracted hepatitis C, which he later blamed on his matches with Abdullah the Butcher. He also did a try out with TNA Wrestling in October 2010 in Saginaw, Michigan. Despite impressing TNA management they could not hire him because of his Hepatitis C.”

Now that is a story I have heard of, but nothing of value that would make me remember his name. It was always presented tom e as, “Some indy worker got a contract revoked because he has Hep C and now he’s talking about taking them to court”. It’s that kind of simplicity that his name has carried in most circles. If there is any truth to the contract offerings and tryouts, then I stand corrected – but at the same time, what has become of your career since then.

Apparently, Nicholson is now retired and in an attempt to keep whatever is left of his name viable, he’s issued an Olympic challenge to Kurt Angle.

Angle pulled out of the recent Olympic trials for whatever reason. Sometimes I just think Kurt says whatever he wants to get some press because TNA is so lousy at keeping him relevant in the industry. Angle is a beast and arguably the best pure wrestler in the world. he doesn’t need another run in the Olympics and his body isn’t what it use to be in the 90’s. Nicholson said Angle’s book (also released 15 years ago) was his bible. Which doesn’t say much because the book was the shits. But in any case, in an effort to keep his name as relevant as a book that has been forgotten since its release, he’s called Angle out and challenged him to an amateur style match.

Angle hasn’t responded yet. Probably because he doesn’t even know that this video exists. And if he does, he’s probably saying to himself – “Who the fuck is this guy and what has he ever done?”

In this era of social media, anybody can make any claim and have it be heard by millions. But does that mean it makes them relevant? Anyone with a video camera can shoot a promo and issue a challenge, but does it mean that it’s something to take serious and make news with? Or perhaps, I’m asking the wrong questions. Maybe this is effective because it actually has me writing a post about it. Maybe I didn’t know his name before, and now I do. So did I answer my own question on the effectiveness of this video and challenge?

Will Kurt Angle respond? Probably not. Not to mention, he’s not gonna have a match with this guy and risk catching the Hep C. But now people know his name. He can make another video and claim that Kurt Angle is a coward and didn’t respond to the challenge. He can claim that Kurt is all mouth but no balls, because he is ducking him and refuses to accept the match. On the flip side of the coin, I’m sure if you were to ask Kurt what he thought about the challenge, he’d say – “What challenge? What video? Who the fuck is this guy? I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

I guess if Kurt Angle responded, then it’s a great success. But even if he doesn’t, it still has to be some kind of success because WE are talking about it. And WE are the one really awaiting the response. And WE are the ones who got suckered into giving this guy the attention he craves. What are your thoughts?

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