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Brock Killed Tensai

I hate to be the one to break the bad news, but this little Lord Tensai experiment is dead on arrival.

I’m not here to poke holes in everything that WWE creative puts out there. I know how difficult it is to make an engaging product that connects with the fans, and something that is marketable and profitable. And had it not been for the return of the beast Brock Lesnar, this may in fact have worked.

The vignettes were effective. They were simple, but effective. They provided that mystique that a younger generation – who doesn’t remember that mediocre run of A-Train and Prince Albert – needed to believe in order to fear what could have been a dominating force to the babyface roster and the title scene. I guess if I were the WWE, I would have dropped everything too the minute Brock signed on the dotted line. But in doing so, it killed Lord Tensai before he even started to sizzle.

I credit WWE for doing everything in their power to desperately save him before he completely flat-lines. But the damage is too critical. A win over Cena and another over Punk still aren’t enough to get him over. The fans look as his size and at his ability to destruct anything in his path – and the only thing they say now is, “Brock is bigger… Brock is stronger… Brock is better…”

What now of Lord Tensai? The mercenary of John Laurinaitis isn’t a bad role – but now Tensai is the understudy as Brock has snagged that storyline as well. What will it take to get this gimmick from completely flopping? A match with Brock himself? That won’t happen. And if it does, guess who will go over. Not Tensai. How about turning him babyface? but then what’s the point of bringing him in as the much needed monster heel (especially now that Brodus Clay’s career has been ruined)?

It’s a damn shame. Tensai is man past his prime given a rare opportunity to get another strong run – even stronger than his first run over a decade ago. but what becomes of him now? Now that his thunder has been stolen and the carpet pulled from under his feet. Where does he land on the roster? How do you write for him? And is it only a matter of time until the REAL heel in the company, Mr. Laurinaitis himself, wishes him well on his future endeavors?
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