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The Rock Looks Like He’s Been Eating Rocks

Has anyone seen Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson lately? Not since the night after Wrestlemania when he announced that he would be “back” and that his little epiphany told him that his next goal was to regain the WWE title. Yeah, that’s about the last time I saw him too.

I wasn’t sure if he had been taken off TV because Brock Lesnar had returned and they weren’t sure exactly how creative would get The Rock into the title picture (although it’s been said that he’ll wrestle Lesnar in the main event of Mania 29 for the WWE title). But Rocky has been gone and somewhat forgotten. Yes, I remember that he has an amazing Hollywood career to return to and I knew that he wasn’t going to be sticking around much longer after Wrestlemania. With the highly anticipated sequel to G.I. Joe coming out this summer and the sixth installment to the Fast and Furious franchise, how can he have time to dress up as a wrestler and roll around in the ring?

The Joe flick has wrapped and will start its promotional tour and junkettes. Filming for the Fast series hasn’t begun yet as Vin Diesel is wrapping yet another sequel to his sci-fi action hero Riddick. So why does out boy dio, he signs on to star in a dark bodybuilding comedy alongside Mark Whalberg and directed by Michael Bay. Yep! THAT Michael Bay. Mr. Transformers-I-Like-To-Blow-Shit-Up-With-Hot-Ass-Victoria-Secrets-Models.

The name of the movie is Pain and Gain, set for release in 2013. And in this set pic, it proves that you are what you eat, as The Rock looks like he’s been chowing down on boulders.

Rocky wasn’t even this big at Wrestlemania! He was trim, lean and agile. here. He looks like a genetic freak (no offense to Scott Stiener). I know the movie has some dealings with anabolic steroids, but it makes me wonder if Rocky got on the juice to enhance his role in the movie? Time will tell when a trailer hits at the end of the year…but in the meantime, He is an absolute BEAST!


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