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Paul Heyman Strikes Again…Back Then.

With Paul Heyman returning tot he WWE to assist in the anarchy known as Brock Lesnar, the crowd fell silent as the father of Extreme Championship Wrestling walked through the curtain. Well, it wasn’t the first time that Paul E. invaded the WWE and attempted to raise ears. back in the day, Vince McMahon was secretly assisting ECW with financing. Vince wanted to hang with the cool kids and bring some edge his product. Enter Paul Heyman, with an impromptu phone call during a WWE live broadcast entitled LiveWire.

What also makes this classic is the talent pool who shared in the moment – Michael PS Hayes, Tammy Sunny Sytch, Vince Russo and Vince McMahon himself.

You have got to love the look on McMahon’s face when he knows there is nothing he can do to control Heyman’s rant. Hayes stands by as the notorious McMahon ass kisser. Russo is grinning due to his hardcore erection knowing that this is the start of the attitude era…and Sunny’s nympho senses are alerted that there is an erection in the room!

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